Transitions Exhibition

Mentorship program & exhibition

In 2016, I took part in 6 month mentorship program held at Contact Sheet & facilitated by Paul McDonald.  The intensive program was designed to develop the artist's understanding of visual narrative & to develop a body of work which culminated in the exhibition "Transitions". 

Why I ride a bike...

When I ride, I am carefree, I have no worries and no boundaries of time.  Just me, my bike and the open road.  I created  "Why I ride a bike", depicting the quirky parallel universe of cycling.  The objective is to engage with non cyclists and to draw them into the eclectic world of cycling.

I ride so I can drink quantities of beer without guilt or consequence.

When I ride, I am free... I feel like I am flying. 

I ride because I need my protein... feed the man meat. 

When I ride, I feel like a kid again.

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