I’m so glad you’ve landed on this page.  I take it that if you’re here, you are looking to get a new or updated headshot or portrait image.  I believe it's important that you invest in yourself, your business, your future, with a great image that will make a captivating first impression and boost your networking possibilities. Most people are a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera. You’ll find my relaxed and casual approach will draw out the side of you who is poised and self-assured, making your first impression a memorable one.

First, let me tell you a bit about me.   I’m Sydney based and I live with my wife, daughter and young pup, Maple (named after the Canadian syrup).  My two passions are cycling & photography.    During down time, I’m on the gravel bike enjoying local tracks & fire trails.  When not on the bike, I’ll be out with my camera.  A regular ritual of mine is to get up before the crack of dawn, drive 30 minutes to the ocean so I can take pics of the first light and other morning lovers… swimmers, surfers or those who are simply soaking up the energising rays.  This recharges my batteries and fills me with happiness. 

About 8 years ago I signed up for an internship to develop my photography skills.  I thought there would be discussions on the camera and how to use it effectively, however there was none of that.  We spent 8 months answering the question “why I photograph” and developing our “style” along with building a body of work.  Yip, a big challenge, but in the end I loved every bit of it which helped me grow & develop as a photographer.  The 8 month internship culminated in a joint exhibition with the other interns.  From there I continued to shoot, take workshops and run headshot sessions with actors and models and taking on more assignments. 

Here are two of the services I currently offer.  However, feel free to contact me about your unique requirements. 

  • The first is a standard headshot, often used for linkedin, corporate web sites or other media.   This session can be done at my studio or at a location chosen by you and can be indoors or out.  It takes about 30 minutes  and I’ll have up to 20 images to choose from.  I’ll supply you with 1 high res edited images of your choice. All images are supplied and downloadable from a secure web site.

  • The second is a portrait service which may involve multiple looks & locations, outdoors or in studio.  This session takes one to two hours.   My clients for this service are quite diverse ranging from models & actors to a range of business owners such as realestate & hair salons who need images for their web site & marketing materials.  

To get started, click here - SCHEDULE YOUR NEW HEADSHOT

I look forward to hearing from you.   

Best Regards - Paul 

email: paul@wawapacific.com
mobile: +61 400 249 025

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